Monday, October 11, 2004

The Guardian: Things get worse with Coke

"So now the full scale of Coke's PR disaster is clear. It goes something like this: take Thames Water from the tap in your factory in Sidcup, Kent; put it through a purification process, call it "pure" and give it a mark-up from 0.03p to 95p per half litre; in the process, add a batch of calcium chloride, containing bromide, for "taste profile"; then pump ozone through it, oxidising the bromide - which is not a problem - into bromate - which is. Finally, dispatch to the shops bottles of water containing up to twice the legal limit for bromate (10 micrograms per litre)."

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Stan said...

Re. Dirty Coke water. Pretty scary stuff, but not as bad as the recent news of the discovery that coffee, more than one cup a day, causes inflamation in the imbiber, meaning it will cause heart disease, and many other diseases, as a lot of them now are seen to have inflamation as a root cause. I drink a lot of coffee, or did, and was diagnosed with mild high-blood-pressure. probably due to the coffee.