Monday, November 25, 2013

Adidas Adipure Adapt 2 review

I've had a pair of Adidas Adipure Adapt 2 shoes for a couple of months now and they instantly became my everyday regular running shoes.

Zero drop, light weight and minimal, they're pretty much perfect. The neoprene(?) uppers slip on easily and are the first shoes I've ever had that didn't rub in the slightest. I wear all my running shoes without socks & the first day I wore them I ran 25km (in 2 sessions) without a single bit of skin feeling anything at all.

The upper is a bit thicker than the Hattoris, so I suspect they'll be a little sweatier when the weather warms up, but they're not smelling too bad so far and wash easily.

The sole, like the Saucony Hattoris, is much more robust than it appears. No noticeable wear after 500km.

I liked them so much I bought a second pair pretty much straight away. Saucony had ceased production of the Hattoris by the time I'd done 2200km and started to wear them out, so I didn't want that to happen again!

And, they're nice and cheap too. I can't recommend them highly enough.


Unknown said...

Just wondering how the sizes run? Do you go with the same size as your other 'normal' sneakers?

Tom said...

Slipped my mind to mention that, good question.

I think they're using US sizes as their basis, which messes me around as most of my other shoes are using European sizes.

I had to get them at least a size larger than my other (minimal) running shoes: I'm pretty much a 42-43 in all my other shoes, that was too small in these and I'm wearing 45 (and 1/3!). That's US size 11, and I think I'd normally be between a 9 and a 10.

I'd advise erring on the large side if you're not sure. Too small is going to be a bigger problem than too big.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that, I went up half size as a lot of reviews actually recommended going DOWN a size for these! IF they end up being too small I'll try sockless. BTW, did you know they're 40% off on the website? =P