Sunday, September 27, 2009

Canvas Game on iPhone

I just ported my little canvas game to the iPhone:

Go play!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

GPSLog Labs

GPSLog Labs is a site I've been working on where you can upload logs from your GPS tracking device and map, graph and analyse them.

It will let you track your exercise and training whether your a cyclist or runner, and can also be used to track your mileage and keep a diary of your activity.

It builds on a few of the things I've posted about here before, and there's some more information on the GPSLog Labs blog.

Signing up is trivial as it supports OpenID, I'd appreciate any of your comments and suggestions and hope the site interests some of you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hopeless Exetel customer service

I got the following message regarding a line fault issue we have with our telephone service:

Please note that the supplier technician who has attended to your service issue has confirmed to us that there is no issue with in the infrastructure/network boundary point and or main distribution frame (MDF). Please re-check your equipment.

That was a surprise to me, as on Saturday the technician had found a fault in the line but had been unable to pull the cable and had said that Optus would have to dig it up and we'd find out more later.

Calling Exetel help was a struggle, after waiting on hold and explaining my issue, the call dropped out when they seemed to put me back on hold. Twice.

Thoroughly pissed off I spent another 20 minutes on hold and listening to complete silence while the help desk person was "just one second" (turns out he was talking to Optus, would have been nice to be told why I was waiting).

So, at this point, 50 wasted minutes later, I find out that Optus is going to fix the line after all, and that the message I received was due to Exetel "closing" the initial fault ticket and was completely wrong.