Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Wall Street Journal Electoral College Calculator

Go to the calculator and up pops a map showing each party's base. Republicans (red) have 22 states--much of the South, the Great Plains and the Rockies, plus Alaska and Indiana--worth 190 electoral votes. Democrats (blue) have 11 states--a Northeastern cluster, plus California, Hawaii and Illinois--and the District of Columbia, worth 168 votes. That leaves 17 battleground states. Republican base consists of the states George W. Bush won by a margin of at least 7%, plus Tennessee, where Bush's 3.6% margin was surely closer than it would have been were it not for Al Gore's connections to the state. The Democratic base, likewise, consists of those states in which Mr. Gore won by more than 7%.Historical results avaible. Come on ABC I want one of this for Australia!

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