Thursday, May 27, 2004


In Darfur, a region in southern Sudan approximately the size of Texas, over a million people are threatened with torture and death at the hands of marauding militia and a complicit government. Imagine a militia that forces parents to choose whether their children will be burned alive or shot to death. Imagine that in the very same month the world remembers the genocides of Cambodia and Rwanda, the unfolding news of another in Sudan is barely heard and largely ignored. The Passion of the present is a new blog to encourage more coverage of this unfolding tragedy.

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Tom said...

This comment, that just scrolled off The Passion of the Present site, raised an interesting point: We know about things like this genocide, but find it very hard to actually care as we don't believe that we can make a difference. I'm definitely feeling that, it's just so hard to believe that anything I could do could make a difference. I've sent the site link to Hack, maybe they'll do a story on it, but that still seems hypocritical as I'm not really doing anything myself.