Friday, May 28, 2004

Nanotechnology and GI Joe

Nothing like a war to get those scientiests going. For an article on the use of nanotechnology for personal armour see here. Also interesting is Israels "future infantry warrior" program and this article on Personal UAV's (unmanned air vehicle) for ground soldiers.

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Tom said...

Neat, in that way that weapons can be while you know full well that it's probably just a huge waste of money for very dubious gain, note the careful use of the keywords "rescue" and "anti-terrorist" so that it can be justified as a "dual-use" technology.

The micro flying machines are very nice, I really like the concept of them "perching" too, that would be much smarter than hovering as it would require less power and make them much harder to locate.

I worked with a person who had done some project managing on research with the ADF into heads-up displays for soldiers in the field. They would potentially be very cool, overlaying 3D map information on whatever the soldier is looking at, such as naming buildings and streets etc. One really cool application was the potential to display normally "invisible" things to the soldier, such as the location of mine fields, the areas that were within sniper range and so on.